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3.3m Wide Premium Heavy Duty Weed Groundcover Permatex Premium (For 10ft & 18ft wide polytunnels)

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Product Description

Permatex Premium is a heavy duty high quality woven geo textile weed ground cover, as used within the horticultural industry & possibly the best on the market, as used by ourselves in our own nursery at Direct Plants Ltd. Permatex as standard has a life expectancy of 7-10 years, however, if used correctly can last much longer, we have areas in our own nursery where it's still in use for nearly 20 years & still going strong! So you can be confident you will have a superior ground cover for your polytunnel, as used by horticultural professionals.

3.3m wide is an ideal width for covering floors in both our 10ft & 18ft wide Polytunnel ranges:

10ft wide Polytunnels = 1x 3.3m wide covering x length of your Polytunnel.

18ft wide Polytunnels = 2x 3.3m wide coverings (join in middle) x length of your Polytunnel.

Price is per running meter.