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Shade Polytunnel Polythene Film Replacement Cover 11.1M Wide SunSmart Green (for 14ft wide Polytunnels)

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Product Description

Shade Polytunnel Polythene Film / Replacement Cover 11.1M Wide Diffused

Price per running meter. Please enter the number of meters required in the quantity box (min order 11m)

Example: you require a replacement sheet 11.1m wide x 12m long. Simply Enter quantity 12 and add to basket.

XL Horticulture SunSmart Green Polythene.

A high quality and heavy duty commercial grade replacement cover, anti drip, anti condensation and green in colour, as used at the Direct Plants Nursery.

Use SunSmart Green for all crops which are naturally shade loving. Ferns, Hostas, Hellebores, Laurels, Ilex, Camellias, Violets, Rhododendrons etc. and any other plants whose natural habitat is shade or semi shade. also ideal for creating a slightly cooler enviroment.

The spectrum of light inside a SunSmart Green Tunnel is designed to be very close to the spectrum of light you would expect to see under a forest canopy. This means that whilst the tunnel is well shaded, this doesn't make plants leggy and drawn as they would be under a white film.

What Size Sheet Do I Need?

Decide the width of cover by measuring a hoop all the way over, adding at least 1m extra each side if you are using the trench method, or 0.6-1m extra each side if fitting to a base rail.

To measure your length, measure the length of the polytunnel roof, plus adding twice the height (from floor to roof) to cover both ends. Adding again a minimum of 1m extra each end if you are using the trench method or a minimum of 0.6-1m if fitting to a base rail each end.

If you still need help finding the size you require please email us and we'll be happy to help.